Road to recovery involves waiting, speaking up, continued service

The warmer days this month helped us to see the light at the end of winter’s tunnel, and even more are hoping for the same with the pandemic. It has been a year.

The vaccines are coming and guidelines are being changed, but we wait for updated guidance from the Department of Human Services. Unfortunately, there is no set timeline. We do know, however, that direct support professionals (DSPs) are being prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccines. Participants and staff are being vaccinated and there is an increased level of comfort in returning for services. ProAct continues to follow our safety plan with sanitizing, masks and social distancing. While everyone is tired and ready for a change we want to continue to do that safely.

So, we talk and plan through this recovery period. The number of people we are serving continues to increase and we are hiring again. ProAct is also gaining efficiencies and refining its processes for better long-term performance and consistency across the organization. Our strategic plan is available on our website, so you can see our areas of focus.

As many of you know, most of the funding decisions that impact us are made at the state level and the Legislature is hashing out various proposals as we speak. I hope you were able to attend Virtual Disability Services Day at the Capitol earlier this month or catch the rally video. Speaking up is one way we all can influence the outcomes. Care and support for those we serve only increases during a pandemic and we want to provide the best services we can.

On the Zoom call for the rally were well over 1,000 advocates and self-advocates. We heard from legislative and program leaders, all of them driving home the importance of services. It was a timely reminder that we are not in this alone. Some of our participants met with their state representative. Please check that story out from our ProAct Post newsletter.

None of the services we provide would be possible without staff, so we went to work on some lively recognition. Breakfast treats were served on the week of March 8 and “You are Awesome!” cards distributed to employees with a face-to-face thank-you for the great job you are doing. And, our Hudson site went healthy, asking for fruit instead of donuts. Go Hudson!

Please know that you are appreciated and that ProAct’s person-centered Mission is on a solid path. We wish the best to everyone over the coming holidays.

Judie Foster-Lupkin
President and CEO