Employees – Groups

Employers in the community are able to contract with ProAct to have teams of qualified workers come to their facilities and perform a variety of tasks. With guidance and training, these participants are able to handle a wide range of activities, including clerical work, marketing distribution, warehouse jobs, digital imaging, maintenance and light manufacturing responsibilities. In addition, participants perform duties in the restaurant, hotel and retail sectors.

Business Benefits:

Better Job Matches – Current employees can take on more complex tasks as our people cover established jobs that match well with their skills.

Eliminates Extra Paperwork – With group employment, ProAct’s contract with the employer includes all payroll and administrative costs such as FICA, state and federal taxes, workers compensation, insurance and employee benefits.

Public Image – A recent statewide survey revealed that 85 percent of the public agreed strongly that they have a lot of respect for companies that employ people with disabilities. The study was sponsored by the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities.

A call to ProAct is all that is required to begin the process of obtaining employees for either short term projects or to fill continuing needs.

  • For Red Wing/surrounding areas, 651-388-7108

With an understanding of a particular employer’s needs, they can arrange to have the right people available, and ProAct provides transportation services, as well.

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