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ProAct works hard to match dedicated, positive employees with work that needs to be done in the community. It provides the business community with employees that are focused, ready to work, take pride in being part of something and having a chance to make a contribution to their community. ProAct participants can be found working in the community in a variety of settings. Job coaching assists the individual through on-the-job training, and his or her success is monitored subsequently to assure proper performance.

Business Benefits:

Adding Value – Pre-screened job candidates add value to an employer’s operation, and are interested and engaged in the work.

Diversity Can Benefit Everyone – Some employers report positive changes to their employee culture that stem from hiring individuals with disabilities, who often have a different perspective on life and a positive outlook.

Earn Tax Incentives – Employers may be able to earn tax credits when hiring individual employees with disabilities who meet the eligibility requirements. ProAct is up to date on these laws and can assist with applications and requirements.

Community Awareness – A statewide survey revealed that 85 percent of the public agreed strongly that they have a lot of respect for companies that employ people with disabilities. The study was sponsored by the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities.

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