Diabetic alert dogs visit ProAct in Eagan

Even the best blood sugar measurement technology can’t match the speed of a diabetes companion dog that’s trained to pick up the scent.
So says the diabetic alert dog trainers Diane Marquette and Ann Wallen. The duo gave a live demonstration to ProAct participants, staff and guests in Eagan. The dogs tap their owners with a paw if they sense the blood sugar is outside the acceptable range.

“They can pick up scents that humans are not able to detect. That’s why they’re so amazing,” said ProAct’s Connie Erickson.

diab-dogs1-webIt was her dream to host an event like this, explains Designated Coordinator Charlotte Eastin. “The whole team worked to make it happen, with individuals even baking diabetic treats.” Erickson introduced the speakers and helped organize the event. Learn more at scentangels.com.