Great host, her skills fit

The lunch crowd can line up all the way out the front door at Chik-fil-A in Maplewood, and as the food comes out, ProAct’s Virginia Moorhouse is there to keep the dining room tidy and pleasurable.

“She’s one of those shining stars who we’ve got going,” said job developer Ted Stam with ProAct. Moorhouse moved to the area to be near family, said Stam, bringing years of similar experience along to her new job.

“She fit the culture so well,” said Stam. Moorhouse teamed up with a long-term dining attendant and the two are really good together.

With a dark wood theme, cow campaign signs on the walls, and tables under tear drop lamps, there are condiments and plastic silverware to stock, and straws. Moorhouse is steady and diligent, always on the move.

“She’s a great host, a really good team member with our guests,” said Owner Bob Lee. “Our culture, or my mission in life is making the impossible possible.” Stam said Lee was “open arms” to Moorhouse and ProAct, offering “whatever you guys need or want to bring her on board.” Southern hospitality is the norm at Chik-fil-A, where staff often use the phrase “my pleasure” when responding to guest requests.