Valued partner: Noiseland Industries

Quick turnarounds, elaborate record jackets and imported vinyl from France are par for the course for Noiseland Industries.

The company calls on ProAct to package new and re-released albums in classic 12-, 7- and 10-inch formats.

ProAct in Eagan is where the components come together, explains Business Services Manager Mary McGeheran. The products are made by other vendors and ProAct puts them together, often on tight timelines.

McGeheran came to ProAct from Noiseland, where she learned about the nonprofit through a custom record project. “ProAct came up with a great solution, did it flawlessly and delivered.” Individuals with disabilities have assembled nearly 3 million records for the company, with more to come.

Several of ProAct’s album projects involved artists nominated for the 2019 Recording Academy Grammy Awards and some went home as winners.

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