Donations, park lunches, bakery orders in Red Wing

Staff and participants brought unneeded items to the Red Wing Salvation Army. Participants bring them to the back door as Salvation Army staff tell them where to put them. ProAct staff cover safety rules before departing and make sure seat belts are used in the van. Attendance is tracked extensively, with four check-offs for each outing.

Red Wing also has beautiful outdoor gathering places. Participants gathered for lunch at Covill, Baypoint, and Memorial parks. Safe practices in traffic were observed when crossing lots in large and small groups.

One of the favorite community engagements is going to Hanisch Bakery in Red Wing and Hi Quality Baker in Cannon Falls. Staff ask each individual about preferred donuts and drinks and helps express those choices as needed. Participants hand money to bakery staff and receive change and a receipt. When approached by community members at the bakery, they reply in a safe and respectful manner, staff explained.

In other activity, National Food Bank Day in early September was a chance for individuals in the river town to collect 40 pounds of food from staff and donate the items locally.