Nonprofit serving people with disabilities celebrates ‘America Recycles Day,’
urges donations of old computers, flat screens, will demonstrate
destructive power of hard drive ‘shredder’ which assures data security

In conjunction with the nationwide “America Recycles Day,” ProAct eRecycling Services hosted a special collection event at its Red Wing location.

“We want people in our area to get plugged in with eRecycling, to learn about our capabilities, and the benefits this service provides to people with disabilities,” explains ProAct Production Manager Jim Bohmbach.  A primary goal is to keep electronic and electrical products out of the trash.

Affiliated with the national “Keep America Beautiful” organization, ProAct eRecycling Services was a part of CyclePoint electronics recycling network, and offers guaranteed data destruction and security.

Hard drives were kept under strict lock and key procedures until they were destroyed using a commercial grade shredder that cuts them into hundreds of pieces, according to Recycling Manager Tim Hovey, who urges people to come and see its destructive power at the event.

ProAct participants and staff assisted electronics waste donors in collecting their materials at their vehicles.