YMCA work beneficial to all, says director

Paid ProAct work experiences at the YMCA in Woodbury have provided positive customer service interactions, computer training and more, said YMCA Member Services Director Teresa Moes.

Individuals with disabilities served by ProAct answered member questions about benefits and gave directions. They also checked people in.

“It is a positive experience for all involved,” said Moes. “I was nervous that the skillset would not match the process at the membership desk.” All team members, members and guests showed support, and Moes said it was a wonderful experience to work with ProAct staff and participants.

She also said the Y’s Mission aligns well with ProAct.

The YMCA required a background check for ProAct’s participants, which gave an added experience to see what it would be like to apply for a position, Moes explained.

There was great communication with ProAct, the YMCA, participants and support staff, she said.