There is an apt saying- blessed are the flexible, for they will not be broken. The word flexible, and others like it, describe ProAct as we mark two years since the pandemic rolled in.

We have been adjustable, stretchable, malleable, limber and bending. Our staff, participants, and their families, through the fatigue of COVID-19, the precautions, the day care issues, distance learning and so many other things we’ve pulled through. Call it individual resilience, or newfound strength, but the adversity we have faced has brought our best to the surface.

Through thoughtful consideration, we pour into the lives of people with disabilities to bring positive change, improvement and opportunity. Yes, ProAct was limited for a time in its capacity to do this. But I can say that we brought back as many of our participants as we could, when individuals were ready, and we had the staff to serve them. Our recovery has been steady, and we will continue to provide quality service to as many participants as we can do in a safe and thoughtful manner.

As part of our flexibility, we want to improve our systems. We’re asking why we do things the way we do, and we’re open to changes. From that perspective, the new era of virtual gatherings has allowed us to do more with less. Managers can participate in more meetings, gather valuable feedback and share their input, much less impeded by distance and time limitations. We are working through processes that allow us to gain efficiencies and operate ProAct as one organization while valuing the diversity and individuality of our four locations.

Hopefully, you have read about our move in Shakopee and continuing partnership with Scott County. We are occupying space from Southwest Intermediate School District 288 through Scott County and could not be happier. It is much more communal than our previous location and we have a fabulous partnership with the transition program.

Part of our role is advocacy, and I can say that the Minnesota disability community is being heard in the government sector. It is satisfying to know that no matter what happens with the staffing challenges faced by programs across the state, we have advocated well for solutions. Kudos to our families, participants and staff who took part in the Virtual Day at the Capitol.

Making the most of one’s situation is really all one could ask, and ProAct has done that and more over the past two years. Participants continue to return, and we are approaching two-thirds of our 2019 operational level. We have put ourselves in an advantageous position to provide long-term services to people with disabilities.

Thank you for supporting our work, and for your patience and understanding with the changes we’ve made over the past two years.

Judie Foster-Lupkin
President and CEO