Back in action for humor, productivity, camaraderie

ProAct in Red Wing is a big part of Sandy Orso’s (above left), community. So, not going in, she was bored in her assisted living home all summer.

My favorite staff is Betty (Anderson),” said Orso. “She kids around and stuff.” Orso also missed her bus driver. She returned to ProAct in September to fold and package dog mats and gun cleaning mats.

Before joining ProAct, Orso said her only work was a six-month stint in the 1980s for a temp agency. She said laughter is very important to her and that happens with coworkers and staff here.

“I was glad to have her back,” said Anderson, a direct service professional, DSP. “She’s very nice, super sweet, very polite and real easy to talk to.” The two have become friends.

Andy Arden

Hard worker is back, and smiling

Arlene Gerdes

After three months away, Red Wing participant Andy Arden is back, and he’s smiling a lot.

He came in early one Friday to help assemble 55 boxes for garage mats. He would soon cut them for a customer that’s boosted the work load.

“He does it to the best of his ability,” said DSP Arlene Gerdes. “He’s smart and he knows his job.” She was glad to have participants back and said people are “ecstatic.”