From the President…

It is gratifying when people working in numerous direct care positions see the positive impact they are having on the lives of the individuals they support. Receiving favorable feedback from those served and their family members is very satisfying. The combination of satisfaction and positive impact makes jobs meaningful for many employed in the field.

The value of quality staff who deliver desired support services is undeniable. We have joined others to stress that point to legislators, and our governor, in hopes that they will support our service delivery system with legislation to help us attract and retain quality employees. I believe the current Legislature realizes this and is taking steps to address some issues. For one thing, there was a cut last year and things look promising for a partial restoration this session.

I’m proud to say we had a group from our ADS (Adult Day Services) department at the Capitol this year. They attended a large rally to support competitive wages for direct service staff. It was affirming to them, and highlighted a need for each of us to share our message with others. People with disabilities have a need for quality staff members who can do the job they love without struggling financially.

One of the strengths of our organization has been accurate financial tracking and reporting. Though he prefers to stay out of the limelight, I must acknowledge the work of our controller, Pat McGuire, who retired after 27 years of service. During his tenure, we had accurate financial statements and clean audits. We appreciate all he did for us and wish him the best in retirement.

I hope to see many of you at our Golf Classic on August 26. You don’t need to be a good golfer to enjoy the day. I wish all of you a wonderful summer.