Eagan gardens ‘a bloomin’

ProAct participants in Eagan are exercising their green thumbs in gardening classes every Tuesday and Friday morning, and what a site it is to see how everything is successfully blooming, said Senior Program Manager Stephanie Osman.

Gardening beds were revamped, and two new raised beds were acquired to bring back one of the more popular activities. Thanks to the hard work and dedication from participants and direct service professionals, Robin Smith and John Brown, the flowers, herbs and veggies are thriving, Osman explained.

Participants and staff share in the upkeep‑ weeding, watering, and tending to the plants. Food items that are growing include spinach, ground cherries, tomatoes, peppers, and spaghetti squash. The herb garden spices things up with dill, sweet mint, peppermint, sage, rosemary, English thyme, and chives. “Participants are very proud to see the results of their efforts each week and excited to see everything in full bloom,” she said.