January came and went, but boy did we have some great activities!

Bingo is always a favorite and our monthly game which was snowy winter-themed, didn’t disappoint. This friendly game gets everyone involved and when the prizes are won, people love to share what they have won with their friends!

This month, we also had an Elvis sighting in Shakopee! It was a blast celebrating Elvis’ birthday with great music, dancing and singing.

Painting with Lotta is a popular class. This month our class was tree themed, and some painted a single tree, and some painted a group of palm trees. The art pieces created were amazing. Lotta’s class will soon become an elective class held once per week, and we are so excited!

Who knew the Rubber Ducky had a celebration day? We learned the history, listened to some videos and as the participants arrived, they noticed the ducky fairy landed a duck on their table. Some were confused and others wondered how their ducky flew in!

Don’t we all love to share our favorite things with others? On National Show-N-Tell Day, many brought items to share with their friends. We saw pictures, stuffed animals, jackets, art pieces, and more!

Winnie the Pooh was celebrated as well. Many wore sweatshirts and were excited to learn about the popular animated friend. Janet S. brought in a book and read to her group and if they wanted to, a couple of episodes were played so many took a break to watch and discuss Pooh Bear. The question of the day was….who was Pooh’s best friend?

Our monthly dances are always a hit. You can see lots of movement with dancing and hands in the air. This month’s theme was the 70’s and boy, who knew we had so many disco dancers?! Kelly J. surprised us as a guest visitor, and we were so happy she was able to join our dance party. We are looking forward to February where we will have 2 dances for Valentine’s Day and National Dance Day!

Even though it was cold and snowy for many of the days in January we were able to take some drives or walks at the Shakopee Community Center. Some participants went bowling at the New Prague Bowling Alley. Bowling is one of the favorite outings and there will be more groups to come.

A group also scored some free tickets to SeaQuest. Animals oftentimes brings the calm in us all and this adventure sure did that. Our participant Shelby loves animals and jumped at the chance to tag along. She truly enjoyed talking and seeing the animals! All who went said they would recommend checking SeaQuest out and surprisingly, the snakes were among the favorite animals seen – yikes!

One last outing taken was lunch with friends at Culver’s down the road. We all enjoy having lunch with our friends and although we don’t get to do this very often, when we do it is always awesome to catch up and joke around while enjoying a meal. It is comforting and feels good.