Kind, capable staff, outings prompt gift

Photo: Direct service professional Whitney Boucha provides one-to-one care for Chloe Kiwus.

At year’s end, some check their list of contacts to thank them for being a wonderful part of their lives. They are grateful for the service or cause of an organization, and give a donation.

This fall, Steven and Lisa Kiwus thanked ProAct for caring for their daughter, Chloe. Even with long trips from Minnetonka to Eagan, they said it was worth it for the quality of care they found. They wrote:

“ProAct has an AMAZING staff of kind, compassionate and capable people. I really cannot express how much we appreciate this program. Chloe is nonverbal and has a high level of needs, which at times can be a challenge. The staff has always treated her with respect and worked with us to get her needs met. Since independent work is not possible for Chloe, she enjoys the fact that she gets out in the community the three days she attends. It means the world to us. At almost all of the other programs she would be sitting in a room all day long.”

The couple said they know that ProAct’s team is aware of Chloe’s needs. At ProAct, they said she is a person who matters.

ProAct’s person-centered focus has been a foundation for many years. This practice is expressed through numerous class choices, field trips and employment tryouts.