Love Bundles raise $630 in Shakopee

By Ali Brown, Shakopee Program Manager

ProAct’s Shakopee Valentine’s Balloon Fundraiser looked a bit different this year, yes, due to COVID! On a normal year, our facility would be filled with red, pink and purple balloons for sale.

Our participants would deliver them to those who pre-ordered and would set up shop at the Scott County Government Center for walk up sales. They were all bummed that there could be no balloon sale this year, but they understood.

We couldn’t let this year pass without a fight, so as I was going through a drawer I found three decorative Valentine’s vases and a lightbulb lit up. How about we put together three Love Bundles to auction off, having all the proceeds, of course, go towards participant activities?

With the help of DSP Liza Svihel, the three bundles were made quickly and the auction began. We were not sure how it would go, and wanted to at least earn what we put into it.

Once the bids started rolling in, we were wowed by the support and competitiveness. The participants loved that part as I announced when a bid came in. I kept a bundle sheet for each on my office door and wrote each bid that came in on them; it caused a lot of giggling, cheering and amazement for all!

Who would have thought a silly idea of Love Bundles would net ProAct $630 including donations? We are so blessed to have an amazing team family to support our fun! Now . . . on to the next auction as we had almost more enjoyment in the competition than realizing how much money we raised 🙂

Here are the Love Bundle contents:

Love Bundle #1: Bath & Body Works Strawberry Shortcake Candle
Bath & Body Works Spray
Bath & Body Works Lotion
Bath & Body Works Lip Gloss
Lindor Strawberry & Cream Truffles

Love Bundle #2: 1 Dozen Chocolate Roses
Ghirardelli Chocolates

Love Bundle #3: Bath & Body Works Strawberry Shortcake Hand Soap
Hand Sanitizer
Dove Truffles – Milk Chocolate/Dark Chocolate

Staff and participants will choose activities for the March calendar that will be funded by the Valentine’s effort. And, some of the funds helped to pay for prizes for the group’s Valentine’s Bingo event.