Measuring impacts, ProAct surveys stakeholders

Pats on the back for work well done and helpful feedback on what can be improved were both welcomed results of ProAct’s 2022 surveys of stakeholders and employers.

Program development, facilitation and safety were strong points, as was communication, during a period where there were multiple restrictions and barriers brought on by the pandemic, explains ProAct VP Kim Feller.

Topping the stakeholder ratings were ProAct’s communication efforts, with 90 percent of respondents saying they were consistent. A full 88 percent of those surveyed said the nonprofit’s services fit the needs, desires and interests of those it serves and 87 percent reported total satisfaction with ProAct’s services.

Some comments included:

  • Keep doing what you are doing, you are all Superheroes in my book! Thank you for your hard work and keeping things new and exciting for those individuals you serve!
  • Very collaborative environment
  • Really feel communication is the most important aspect of the program and always appreciate being informed!
  • It is great that you offer something to get people out of the house. Individuals need that to not be so isolated.

As ProAct begins its 2022-2023 fiscal year, Feller said the organization is ready for a new set of challenges and changes. The nonprofit recently added Maintaining Skills Training to its cadre of services to help participants to build their workplace skills and potentially move into Employment Development Services (job development). Class offerings were broadened based on individual interests and volunteer experiences expanded, she explained.

“Each participant builds their schedule based on their interests and desires with goals set to help make sure they move towards achieving those goals,” said Feller.

Production customers lead employer survey responses

More than three-quarters of employers surveyed by ProAct utilize the nonprofit for production services and 100 percent of employers said the nonprofit’s staff are always professional and responsive.

In judging performance, 70 percent of overall respondents said ProAct was above average. A few comments:

  • My business thoroughly enjoys working with the team at Proact and we’ve almost come to depend on the work that staff oversee and execute.
  • Staff are personable and professional and highly adaptable to my company’s changing needs. Communication is coordinated and prompt. We cannot thank them enough and look forward to a continued partnering with ProAct entirely due to their efforts.
  • We like the extra on-site clerical help ProAct provides us and wish they could be here more often.

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