Mother finds match for son here

“My son, Scott, is 40 years old. He has been in and out of several DT&H programs. ProAct has met his needs so much better than the other programs.

They allow him a level of independence and choice that he has not had before. He has tried several different classes and tried working in house part of the day. He has decided he likes the classes much better.

My son is very social and talkative. He has been in so many groups where a goodly number of the participants do not talk. He relates well to them, but when he is in that same group day after day and the same accordion player comes every two weeks, he gets very bored.

Also, most programs required him to attend five days a week. He is much more likely to become a problem from boredom and lack of choice, and every day becomes a problem.

At ProAct, he only goes three days a week and he gets to choose classes twice a year. This means he meets new participants and engages with new staff, which satisfies his social needs and takes the burden of his overly talkative self off of certain participants and staff. Thank you, ProAct.

He will be back when things look more like they did before. He would probably not do well in the self-contained groups that are currently offered and he loves to go out into the community.”

Michelle Schutt