Reflecting on holiday goodness

Why for so many of us are the holidays some of the best times? Is it because we are reunited with family and friends? Is it our generosity and greater consideration for others? Is it by cause of us purposing within ourselves to be joyful, and to truly enjoy one another’s company?

For those of us who have lost loved ones, it can be a time of sadness mixed with sweet memories. But one theme seems to shine through all of these elements, and that is that relationships matter. To know that someone cares, and to care ourselves, is at the core of our humanity. Our focus on individuals at ProAct is very much in this same spirit. We want to enhance each person’s quality of life.
Ever more so, our society is one filled with distractions and things with which to fill our time. Could it be that the pause of the holidays place on us a needed respite­ – a chance to refocus and reprioritize our lives around those we love and care for? Could this be the start of a New Year’s resolution with deeper meaning and profound implications?

We wish you the best over this season, and look forward with hope to 2020. Much of the next year will be what we make of it.

Steve Ditschler, President and CEO