Restaurant job leads to another, closer to home

Supported by ProAct Case Coordinator Kim Lepper, James Roe was busing tables at the Pizza Ranch buffet in Apple Valley.

“He enjoyed his job there, but it was a long distance from his house,” said Lepper. Taking the initiative to find something closer to home, Roe set out to find restaurants in his area.

He inquired at The Copperfield in Mendota Heights, was given an application and filled it out. Roe then called to follow up and was asked to come in to speak to the manager. He sought out Lepper to join him for the meeting.

“James was asked if he would be willing to work in the kitchen at The Copperfield,” said Lepper. “He said he would be willing to do anything they needed him to do, which showed that he is willing to work with a team.”

Now offered the job, he put in a two-week notice at Pizza Ranch. He’ll be doing dishes in his new position and busing tables.

“James is looking forward to being able to ride his bike to work now, when the weather is right, of course,” said Lepper.



Images: The Coppperfield website and on Facebook