Rivertown Olympiad and celebration of ‘twos’

ProAct Participants in Red Wing colored Olympic rings to post on a bulletin board along with the three medals with the counts on them. Team USA did awesome with 25 medals altogether, said Lori Clemens, an instructor and direct service professional.

She said 2/22/22 was a big hit even with a snowstorm. A group talked about what two words go together and things that come in pairs. “We had participants and staff come in with two shirts, two hats, two different socks, pigtails, and shirts with 2 and 22 on them,” said Clemens.

There were Kit Kats with hot chocolate and people watched the movie “It Takes Two.” Staff and participants had a fun day. “Kind of a coincidence we had 22 people that day due to the snowstorm,” Clemens said.