‘Snack Attack’ teaches, fills cravings

By Ali Brown, Day Support Services Manager

One important question asked by our participants when they returned in-center was, “Are the vending machines open and can I buy a pop or snack?”

Our response was always, sorry, no, not at this time. We sadly had to retire our vending machines, but knew this was a topic of conversation we’d have to address when the time was right. COVID has changed certain aspects of our program and our participants have acclimated wonderfully, they are rock stars!

As we continue to find our new normal together and looking at what is important to our participants, we decided to brainstorm on what we can do to bring this simple joy back.

During that session, we decided to steal an idea from a residence. They have a “Snack Cart,” and, of course we couldn’t copy them so, in voting for a name, the Snack Attack cart was created. Ours is run by one participant and one staff member, both following our COVID guidelines of social distancing, wearing gloves and a mask. The hours of operation are on Tuesdays from 10:30 to 11 a.m., and on Thursdays from 1:30 to 2 p.m. Of course, the cart will make the rounds to each cohort, announcing their arrival in a fun fashion, I’m sure.

To begin with, there will be a variety of pop, chips and candy bars to choose from and purchase. Customers must have money on them and use their skills to wait their turn, order, buy and use manners. We are very excited to get this up and running, and we think it will bring a lot of smiles! Stay tuned as our Snack Attack Cart evolves.
All items will be $1 and proceeds will go towards participant activities.