Star Wars, horse racing, Cancun, painting and paper airplane day?

May the 4th be with you 

Star Wars fans in Shakopee came out to celebrate a fun day wearing movie themed T-Shirts, playing trivia, participating in an activity sheet, and creating their own Yoda! When walking about, people heard the Star Wars Soundtrack, and were asked for their favorite track. Fake light saber fights were a favorite, said Shakopee Day Support Services Manager Ali Brown.

Canterbury prep for Kentucky Derby races

To prepare for the biggest horse race of the season, a Shakopee group took a ride around Canterbury Downs early in May. “We saw five horses on the track with their jockeys, and it was hard for people to choose what they would name their horse if they could, but the favorite was Brownie,” said Brown. Each area chose top three finishers, made derby hats, and watched a few races. “I wonder who will win?”

Cinco De Mayo 

As participants and staff walked around on this holiday, there was a feel like Cancun, Mexico with fun music and sombreros. “We learned about why Cinco De Mayo is celebrated while enjoying a snack of Doritos and Margaritas, alcohol free of course,” Brown explained.

Painting is therapeutic

Just like music or other hobbies, painting can be therapeutic. DSP Lotta Facente  started a class on the subject. Many signed up. Staff find it is always a joy to see the excitement on the participants’ faces when they show off their creations.

There really is a ‘National Paper Airplane Day?’

What’s to do on National Paper Airplane Day? Making paper airplanes! Participants decorated, folded, and “zoomed” them around. “The areas had fun walking the loop showing off their airplanes and, of course, throwing them about to see how far they could go.”