Taking services to homes, new needs met

A new focus began in June to deliver three new one-to-one services to people with disabilities in their homes or community, with the goal of helping people to become more independent.

Referred by case managers, the new offerings come as a “wrap around” of services already being provided by the nonprofit.

In-Home Family Support assists individuals with disabilities to stay in or return to their homes with help that includes household chores, food prep, eating, grooming, money management and communication.

Semi-Independent Living helps people to successfully live in the community. Services include medication management, home maintenance, hygiene, use of public transport, money management and social behaviors.

Thirdly, Independent Living Skills help people to develop, maintain and improve independence through communication, interpersonal skills, self-care, community living and mobility training. Contact Emily Driessen at 651-289-3323 or edriessen@proactinc.org.