Veggies of their labor, water balloon fun, Action Team, exploring diets

The ProAct garden in Red Wing has started producing the good stuff. Beets, onions, herbs, broccoli, cucumbers, and, of course, lots

and lots of zucchini. “We have had fun trying different vegetables and even have gotten to bring some home,” said Case Coordinator Gloria Solsaa.

Water balloon battle, summer heat relief


What is better on hot summer days than a water balloon “fight?” People appreciated some relief from the heat while having fun with outside games.

Action Team back to school supplies to help families


ProAct’s Red Wing service project for July engaged another Thrivent Action Team. They chose to help the local United Way “Stuff the Bus” with school supplies for local children. More than $250 worth of school supplies were purchased and delivered to the United Way for an event in early August. The materials were enough for at least 20 children. “Hopefully this will remove some of the back-to-school financial burden for some families,” said Solsaa, who urged people to “stay tuned” for their next project.

Diets all around, tasting

ProAct’s cooking class this session in Red Wing is concentrating on a variety of diets and foods. They have talked about vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, diabetic, and Keto diets, and the popular foods for each type. Participants and staff tried different recipes for each, with tofu making the list on a few of them. The results brought mixed reviews.

National day for yummy gummies

July 15 couldn’t go by without celebrating National Gummy Worm Day in Red Wing!