Walgreens REDI returns, more to come in 2023

Above: Walgreens REDI program graduate Jessica with coworker Laura.

To the pleasure of a store manager in Savage, ProAct relaunched its Walgreens REDI Training Program and completed a four-week stint to prepare two job candidates with disabilities for future employment.

“The training was a huge success, building confidence and skills in the two candidates,” said ProAct Employment Development Manager Anna Cahak.

It ran four days per week, three in-store and one in-classroom. Individuals gained skills in cashiering, customer service, maintaining store appearance, stocking and inventory management, Cahak explained.


Above, from left, REDI participant Jessica and Walgreens Manager Kathy Doeden, Lisa, a participant, cashiers as ProAct’s Anna Cahak looks on, Lisa trains on photo work, Jessica and head cashier Mark, who helped with training, Lisa celebrates with Kathy, Lisa and her coworker Laura, and Lisa and Mark.

Upon completion, they received a retail training certificate, which highlights the skills acquired. One of the candidates is exploring employment at a nearby Walgreens and the other is deciding if she wants to work at a Walgreens closer to her home, according to Cahak.

Savage store Manager Kathy Doeden said she was very pleased with the training program and looks forward to holding another training through ProAct in January 2023.