What participants and staff are thankful for this season

As many families take in the sights and aromas of steaming turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and pumpkin pie, the first “Thanksgiving” celebrates 400 years in 2021.

Loved ones and friends gather and often share the things, people or occurrences they are thankful for from the past year. ProAct participants and staff offer their thanks, and hope others will join them. Please read on for their comments.


Joyce R. – I am thankful for people and that I don’t have to run to the dentist because I have good teeth.
Jessica T. – I am thankful for my mom because she takes me to get my nails done. I feel pretty.
Joni B. – I am thankful for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, all the holidays because I like to party.
Charlene P. – I am thankful for Turkey Day, McDonald’s and Diet Coke.
Pat H. – I am thankful for myself and all the people who help me.

Farhia R. (staff) – I am thankful for good health and great co-workers.

Red Wing

Cindy T. – family and friends.
Maggie S. – staff.
Terry M. – Family, good food, good sports, a nice warm house to stay in, and being healthy.
Caroline V. – My family and my co-workers.
Larry B. – For my health.
Emily S. – For my kittys.

Thankgiving tree created by participants in Red Wing.
Thanksgiving tree created by participants in Red Wing.

Cindy T. – For the television show Popeye.


Kassidy G. – Friends and family.
Mychial B – My sister and younger brother.
Sue – That I’m still alive.
Valerie – My two cats.
Max – Lunch.
Mike H. – My parents and all of the stuff they get me. My cats.
Michael S. – My family.
Katie – Having my dog. And I’m feeling great since my surgery.
Patty W. – That my brother is coming from New York.
John Red – Being with friends and family.
John R. – That I’m here at ProAct.
Jen G – My boyfriend who is my best friend.
Royce – Family.
Karen P – My apartment and the city buses.
Sherene – That I ate.
Elliot: My friends and family.

Robin – Family, opportunities and friends.
Devin – For new walkie-talkies and good staff.
Danni – It is easy to think of what I’m thankful for – I’m grateful for my ProAct Family!