Youth influx brings spring cleaning to Zumbrota site

It started as a kind gesture to honor a ProAct participant in Zumbrota who passed away, Kathleen Rick. Area high school students came to clean and pull weeds for a day of community service.

Just before graduation, students arrived to clean windows, buses and vans for the small town site. “It’s the stuff you don’t always get to,” said Site Manager Jo Erickson. The cleanup is a two-year tradition.

Former ProAct participant Kathleen Rick
Family members of Kathleen Rick, who passed away a couple of years ago, organized the ProAct community service project for Zumbrota High School.

Rick was the the first participant in Zumbrota’s Adult Day Services program, and really the reason for getting it started, explains Erickson.
The little things make a difference, but sometimes these things can take a back seat when serving participants is the main focus.

The work allows for some interaction between the students and participants.

“It’s a positive thing for us and for the kids,” said Erickson. “They want to do it. And, that’s always a good thing.”

The site serves 14 regular participants and four in the ADS program. It also accommodates four to five individuals who travel from Red Wing.

Top photo: Zumbrota High School students did some spring cleaning and yardwork at ProAct. From left are: Michael Majerus, Willie Sibley, Anthony Cyclowski, Reagan Dillon, Kristine Moore and Kalli Olson.