‘Snack Attack’ expands

The Snack Attack cart effort which began in Shakopee has expanded to Eagan. It helps ProAct participants build communication, general money handling and counting, safe product handling and inventory control skills while bringing participants snacks and beverages each day.

The carts are managed by ProAct staff, who identify groups of participants interested in building customer service and business skills while delivering treats to all classrooms. Each participant has an assigned time or “shift” when they volunteer and receives a treat for their help during the shift.

Participant volunteers:
• Count money and record the amount before they begin.
• Inventory the snacks and drinks to determine the starting amount of each item.
• They record the number then perform the task again at the end of the shift to match inventory and sales figures.
• Stock the snack cart neatly.
• Push the cart safely around the building to each class area.
• Run the cart cash box to take money, confirm the correct amounts and provide any change.
• Announce snack attack arrivals and help others to start and form a line.
• Perform an end inventory to match product sales with dollars received.
• Put any unsold soda and water back in the fridge and lock the cart back in the closet.

Supplies are purchased by staff weekly. Costs to replenish products are drawn from the proceeds earned. Profits are used to pay for some in-center and community outings and activities, including mini golf trips, attending movies at a theater, cooking classes and many more.