Prepared, supported, confident in thrift store job – ProAct, Inc. Serving people with disabilities for more than 45 years.

Prepared, supported, confident – A thriving, friendly associate at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in downtown Red Wing, Sarah Halpaus prices and tags clothing and helps to keep the sales floor looking sharp. #goodhuemn #disabilities #mnleg After mastering one skill, her manager urges her to learn more. Such partnerships often don’t come about on their own. They need some nudging, someone in the background to connect, support and see things through. That’s where ProAct vocational specialist Melissa Carlson comes in. A ProAct case manager approached her about Halpaus, who wanted a community job. After three to four years at ProAct, the time was right. You can stay updated by texting ProAct to 22828

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