Experiences with ProAct

“When I hear stories that they are shining, and how great it is for them- they love coming here – well, that hits the mark of what we want to be about.”

Pastor Kevin Woestehoff , Farmington

Though it’s difficult for her to put it into words, participant Carmen Strom appreciates the opportunities at ProAct, explains her father, Bill. “That’s a pretty big thing for her,” he said.  Her mother has seen the difference ProAct makes.  “I can’t say enough about the staff people who work here … to devote themselves to a program like this … I’m very grateful,” said Sara, wiping her tears.

Strom family , Hastings

“They allowed Christopher (their son) to figure out which group he wanted to be with,”said Mari.  “He is used to being treated like a loved and cherished person and ProAct has done that for us … they’ve just enabled him to be happy at the program and safe.”

Christopher attends ProAct in Zumbrota

Chris and Mari , Red Wing

“This is probably the job where I could actually see myself sticking with it forever. I could see myself retiring from here, for sure.” Kayla

Staff member , Eagan

“It’s all about taking care of the customers and if we have an organization that wants to help provide quality applicants and help them along with that process, that provides better service for our customers and I think it’s a great win for everybody.”

Greg Salmon, Store Manager

Walmart manager , Red Wing