Experiences with ProAct

Mike Donovan hosts a work crew from ProAct. “I’ve been amazed in particular how, the focus and the pride that they take in what they do,” he said.  “They work side by side with Grafix Shoppe employees.  It’s been very good for our business, having this relationship with ProAct. They’re really great, and they’re fun to be around.”

Grafix Shoppe , Eagan

I am happy when I am at ProAct.


We need to get the word out that a program like ProAct exists because the quality of the program and what they do is amazing for adults with disabilities.

County case manager

I love seeing our residents return home from ProAct with smiles on their faces.

Residential provider

ProAct staff have excellent communication skills and every project my company has hired ProAct to complete is well done and completed by project due dates. Things are working wonderfully and we appreciate the relationship our company has with ProAct.

Employer partner