Experiences with ProAct

“They are a very impressive organization with a good staff who are very enthusiastic about the work they do for their clients.  We felt immediately that it was a good fit,” Eric S., IMV Technologies

Packaging and assembly customer , Maple Grove

“The employees that we get from there are really good, really dependable, excellent.  I think ProAct is a great company. It’s a real asset for Red Wing to have.”


Manager at Nichols Inn & Suites , Red Wing

“They do a wonderful job and are a very important part of what we do. They’re happy to be there and it’s great to see that,” Ray C., GR Promotions

Cleaning crew and assembly , Eagan

Mike Donovan hosts a work crew from ProAct. “I’ve been amazed in particular how, the focus and the pride that they take in what they do,” he said.  “They work side by side with Grafix Shoppe employees.  It’s been very good for our business, having this relationship with ProAct. They’re really great, and they’re fun to be around.”

Grafix Shoppe , Eagan

I am happy when I am at ProAct.