Recognition, 10 year celebration in Hudson

ProAct in Hudson recently held its First Annual Recognition Awards Banquet to recognize participants with disabilities, eat and share some good cheer with families. Participants and staff made seven different homemade desserts and shared memories on camera to mark the occasion. “We have 24 participants, and we have the most fun that anybody could have here,” said Program Coordinator Margaret Christensen. “We spend as much time out in the community as possible.”

In past years, the group and families attended ProAct’s Recognition Banquet in Red Wing, but some participants had difficulty making the out-of-town trip. “It’s great that we’re able to do this and provide this opportunity for these guys, to make them feel special,” she said. “And to know that we (the staff) are here because of them, and only because of them.” The coordinator also thanked her group of staff members who helped make the event possible and provide wisdom and expertise in their front-line support each day. ProAct’s Wisconsin service facility celebrates 10 years of service in 2019.