After years of unwavering dedication and heartfelt service, ProAct is celebrating the promotion of one of our remarkable employees, Doug Cowles! With more than 23 years of experience at ProAct, Doug was recently promoted to Program Director, where he will oversee activities and program managers across all our Minnesota and Wisconsin sites.

Doug Cowles
Program Director

Doug’s journey at ProAct began in 2000 when he joined ProAct as a Program Manager for the Traumatic Brain Injury/Adult Day Services Program. Deeply moved by ProAct’s mission to empower and support individuals with disabilities, he dedicated his career to making a meaningful impact. From the start of his time here, Doug was driven by compassion, empathy, and a genuine desire to make a positive difference. Over the years, Doug’s exceptional dedication and leadership skills became evident, and he quickly became a prominent role model within the organization. His passion for serving ProAct participants only continued to grow stronger with each passing year.

“I do my job for the folks that we serve here at ProAct. I want to make a difference in their lives,” Doug stated after learning of his new promotion. “My top priority is always their satisfaction with our programs, and the goal is for them to become more independent and learn about themselves.”

Doug’s promotion to Program Director is not only a recognition of his year of service, but also a testament to his exceptional leadership qualities. As ProAct’s Program Director, Doug will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of ProAct and expanding our reach, which will enhance our ability to transform the lives of participants. Doug noted his goals include “expanding and adding more programs, as well as hiring more staff to support the needs of ProAct participants.”

When talking about his new role, Doug noted that all of ProAct’s Program Managers do an exceptional job, and while ProAct is one, each site still has its own personality, strengths, and unique offerings that make them special.

“Doug is a leader through and through,” said Judie Foster-Lupkin, ProAct’s President and CEO. “He brings not only a wealth of knowledge about how ProAct operates, but a vision for how we can grow with and for our participants.”

“Not all jobs are as rewarding as this,” concluded Doug. “At ProAct, we get to see participants’ progress, connect them with the community, and help them find the job of their dreams.”