Day Support Services (DSS) – Enrichment Programming

Through a broad range of unique class options participants develop and improve social
and team building skills while discovering and expanding their awareness of the world
around them.

Classes and Group Activities

Participants choose their area of focus from one of the following focus areas: Fine Arts
and Communication, Health and Wellness, Science and Our World, Essential Life Skills,
Arts and Crafts, and Leisure and Games. Each day begins and ends with programming
within their focus area, but participants have the option to choose classes outside of
their focus area for mid-day programming Offering them a full array of options and
activities. ProAct also offers virtual programming to accommodate the needs of the

Community Integration and Outings

Activities include volunteer experiences with other community members, training on
community and transportation resources and supports, day trips and adventures and
time spent exercising and swimming at local fitness facilities.

Virtual Enrichment

For individuals wanting and/or needing services provided within their home
environment, ProAct offers them the opportunity to attend classes virtually. Classes
mirror those provided in-center using Zoom via a computer, tablet or smart phone.
Each class is 60 minutes in length and provided in a secure environment to adhere to
HIPAA regulations.

Maintaining Skills Training

Maintaining Skills Training is provided both in-center and in the community designed to
help participants develop new and enhance existing work skills. This unique course
takes participants through general activities that include volunteer experiences, work
assessments, workplace etiquette, job interest inventories and general retail sales

ProAct enrichment programming is provided in Eagan, Red Wing, Shakopee and Hudson, WI

ProAct provides limited transportation at each program location. Please see our Contact Us page for more information.