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ProAct will be the provider of choice for person-centered services that enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities.

To maximize individual potential for greater self-sufficiency.

To provide person-centered services that enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities in the areas of employment, life skills, and community inclusion.

A special event at ProAct in HudsonExcellence – Be a professionally and community recognized leader in the services and products delivered.

Integrity – To achieve the highest levels of trustworthiness as the result of our actions, and be accountable for documented ethical and professional standards.

Achievement – Design, implement, and maintain quality services to help the individuals we serve accomplish their goals as determined through a self-directed process that includes informed choice.

Collaboration – Establish and promote working relationships, partnerships, and other active affiliations to engage in collaborative efforts to advance our mission.

Professionalism – To promote the contributions, leadership, and diverse expertise of our staff and their commitment to the individuals served and our community partners.

Integration – To deliver services in the least restrictive environment as chosen by the individual served.

Continuous Improvement – By continuous and incremental improvements, improve current services and provide new options for achieving greater satisfaction among persons served, and other key stakeholders.

Choice – To place individuals served at the center of the decision-making process for selecting from a variety of quality options for the purpose of tailoring services to meet their unique needs.

Focused on individuals

ProAct offers services and support for individuals who ask for employment services, job training and interest in developing and enhancing their daily living skills.  To be eligible, one must be at least 16 years of age.  Support services are typically funded by the county or state through managed care or by private sources.  The level of support needed determines the type of service provided.

Team approach

The professional staff at ProAct offer individuals a wide range of experiences in response to each person’s interests and goals.
For maximum benefit, a team is assembled, which usually consists of the individual, family members, residential staff, a county case manager and/or rehab counselor, and ProAct staff. Also taking part may be a friend, an advocate or, when appropriate, a health professional. After careful listening and conversations, experiences are created, skills and employment goals are uncovered and options are pursued based on informed choices. ProAct’s licensed services cover many support areas.[/vc_column_text]

From its locations in Dakota, Goodhue and Scott counties in Minnesota and in St. Croix County in Wisconsin, ProAct serves individuals in the Twin Cities area, southeastern Minnesota and nearby portions of western Wisconsin.