Experiences with ProAct

“I had thought at first, this was a place for him to work, learn a skill,” she said. “I realized later on, they’re helping him to create a life.”
Bernie, mother of Jacob

Prescott family , Prescott, Wis.

“I say come out and apply. There’s so much that needs to be done here. Working with these people is enjoyable, it’s rewarding, and it’s not a stressful situation. I just enjoy working with them,” Bob F.

Retiree who joined staff , Red Wing

“When I hear stories that they are shining, and how great it is for them- they love coming here – well, that hits the mark of what we want to be about.”

Pastor Kevin Woestehoff , Farmington

Though it’s difficult for her to put it into words, participant Carmen Strom appreciates the opportunities at ProAct, explains her father, Bill. “That’s a pretty big thing for her,” he said.  Her mother has seen the difference ProAct makes.  “I can’t say enough about the staff people who work here … to devote themselves to a program like this … I’m very grateful,” said Sara, wiping her tears.

Strom family , Hastings

“They allowed Christopher (their son) to figure out which group he wanted to be with,”said Mari.  “He is used to being treated like a loved and cherished person and ProAct has done that for us … they’ve just enabled him to be happy at the program and safe.”

Christopher attends ProAct in Zumbrota

Chris and Mari , Red Wing