To better communicate with the community, people with disabilities, family members
and supporters, and business employers and customers, ProAct regularly produces
informational publications. These are available in html or pdf format by clicking the links below.

-View ProAct’s 2021 Annual Report-

The ProAct Post is sent out frequently via e-mail to subscribers with news and updates from the nonprofit. Sign up today.

Special updates and requests – ProAct sends occasional emails about ways people can support the nonprofit, program updates and more. These are also available to email subscribers.


People Achieving is a print newsletter focuses on news and developments
at ProAct, including experiences of participants served and members the business community, as well
as policy developments.

The ProAct, Inc. Annual Report details the activities and accomplishments of
ProAct during the most recent program year, reviewing the individuals served, the
programs offered, new initiatives and the organization’s financial position. The
objective is to have people better understand the scope of ProAct’s efforts, its
philosophies and direction. (Get archive)

Service information fliers – more details | PDF files – to save, right click or click and hold