With parent and family input, ProAct is dedicating a day in which all participants engage in learning about essential life skills. The Eagan Day Support Team was put to the task to create a theme for each month of the year.

December kicked off Essential Life Skills Wednesdays with a winter safety theme. Participants learned that winter can be the most dangerous time for fires starting and learned about fire safety. It was also fun watching everyone walk like a penguin to navigate icy pathways. Additionally, participants learned how to dress appropriately for the weather by creating a snowman craft and dressing it for the weather.

Groups also worked together by playing the “Winter Words Igloo Game.”  Participants chose from a mix of winter words and non-winter words and discussed why or why not the word matched with winter.  If it matched with winter, participants took turns sticking it on an igloo craft with a toothpick.  Everyone took pride in creating a cool puzzle-like igloo for the finished product.

“It’s important to us that all areas of enrichment are available within our schedule,” explained Senior Program Manager, Stephanie Osman, “Essential Life Skills are an important piece of our Enrichment Services and enhances independent and daily living skills to our participants.”

Essential Life Skills Wednesdays have been a success, and participants look forward to sharing what they’re learning each month!