It was a short but very eventful month!

Participants in the Around the World and Virtual Field Trip classes visited the Bell Museum for some hands-on experiences.

Sea Life and Many Mammals classes visited the Science Museum to watch the Omni Theatre’s presentation of Sea Lions.  Participants enjoyed watching the story about the dynamics of a Sea Lion family.  ‘

Rachel H. said she loved it and further expressed, “It was a happy tale, and I enjoyed the cute sea lions.”

Tuesday, March 7 was Make a Card for a Friend Day.  We made motivational posters and cards for a couple friends who are out on medical leave.

Participants had a blast celebrating Valentine’s Day, and started the day creating a craft, then had a dance party in the afternoon along with getting their choice of a temporary tattoo or a customized hand painting!  We enjoyed having our friends from Virtual Enrichment visit as well!

No one seemed tired from the Valentine’s Day festivities and the following Tuesday, we celebrated Mardi Gras!  Participants created their own masks and marched and danced in a parade while throwing out Mardi Gras beads!

Additionally, our February theme for Essential Life Skills was Acts of Kindness.  We focused on giving compliments and spreading words of encouragement and had fun creating Kindness Rocks and filling our Kindness Buckets, focusing on the power of encouraging words and spreading acts of kindness to others.

Extinct Animals Class enjoyed one of the nicer days in February and got outside at the Minnesota Zoo!

Finally, participants were also very excited to return to a huge favorite – Feed My Starving Children!  They felt good getting back to this popular volunteer site, and can’t wait for more opportunities with their great organization!