Parent makes 200 masks for Red Wing

The need for masks at ProAct prompted some hard work by the parent of a participant in Red Wing. Vicki Bowen made 200 with attractive designs in preparation for the resumption of services.

“I hope the 200 will be a good start,” said Bowen. Her creativity took a letter form, as well, as she spelled out the nonprofit’s name with her mask creations.

Drawing from a “very large fabric stash,” Bowen spent two to three weeks on the project. She sent some extra elastic along to ProAct.

“I may get around to making masks again if needed, but for now, I’m just going to crash and burn, so to speak – it’s break time,” she said.

Bowen gave a mask to her daughter, Emily Bowen, and Katy, who lives at the same home outside of Ellsworth, Wis. And, she gave nearly 25 more to other family and friends.

On normal days, Emily is involved in day activities and classes at ProAct. She also works on projects there that bring a paycheck, her mother explained.