ProAct response to COVID-19

To ensure the health and safety of our participants, stakeholders and staff during this current health crisis, ProAct is implementing the following policies and processes effective March 16, 2020 and may vary by location:

 ProAct is disinfecting all hard surfaces, door knobs and restrooms hourly. ProAct transportation vehicles are being disinfected twice daily. Water fountains are turned off and participants are being asked to bring a covered cup/mug for water if needed.

 Unless required, ProAct will facilitate all team meetings over the phone with documentation e-mailed as needed.

 To minimize the number of individuals coming into ProAct facilities, staff will meet participants outside of the building and escort them in to ProAct for services. Participants will be escorted out of ProAct and to their ride at the end of each service day.

 Participants will have their temperatures taken upon arrival daily – Eagan, Hudson and Shakopee.

 Participants having a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, showing any respiratory distress or have a severe cough will be required to return home. Transportation will be the responsibility of the participant’s residence/team members.

 In the case where participants are showing signs of illness when being picked up by ProAct Transportation, they will be asked to remain home that day and will not be transported to ProAct.

 ProAct will be cancelling community-based enrichment programming that involves being in public spaces, around groups and/or crowds.

ProAct is working to ensure all changes made provide minimal disruption of services being provided. We are committed to supporting our participants through these changes while protecting their health and that of the ProAct team! Thank you!

Kim Feller

Vice President of Programs and Services