Much like college fields of study, ProAct has created a unique curriculum model for its Day Support Services enrichment classes. This new “focus area” approach is proving to be very popular.

“Participants love the fact that they’re in ‘Science & Our World,’ for example” said VP Kim Feller. “They see it as the ability to gain more knowledge and be a part of a group of students.” Multiple tracks are offered, with schedules and classes virtually or in-center.

Others include:

  • Fine Arts & Communication
  • Health and Wellness
  • Science & Our World
  • Essential Life Skills
  • Crafting and Games
  • Leisure Club
  • Building and Maintenance Skills

“We redesigned it, thinking about college majors and minors,” said Feller. Large group activities are centered on the first and last hours of the day’s programming to best utilize the nonprofit’s staff.