‘You Betcha Box’ distinctly Minnesota

ProAct participants and staff package multiple gift box varieties for a growing effort that blends local culture with high quality Minnesota products. At center is Katie Sterns, CEO of Share Local Love.

The novelty of what is Minnesota, packaged up in gift boxes with the flavors and feel of the North Star State– it’s called You Betcha Box, and ProAct is packaging them by the thousands.

“I’m excited to be working with ProAct,” said Katie Sterns, CEO and founder of Share Local Love, the company behind effort. “The goal is to do as much good locally as we can with everybody.”

Jena Groth

There’s a fair amount of complexity to the business, with 50 different “small makers,” all over Minnesota. Individualized kits are assembled, offered at shows and stores and shipped via online orders.

About 10 varieties are offered, from “MinnDulgent” treats to “Ultimate Foodie ‘Sota,” “Meat Raffle,” “Craft Beer” and “Tea Time” box themes.

Sterns often sports a “buffalo check” plaid outfit much like the current governor did on the campaign trail.

The founder and her boxes have been featured in Twin Cities media. “It’s a Minnesota experience in a box, and you open it to get the fun,” said Sterns. Learn more at youbetchabox.com

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