Eagan retail job match brings happiness all around

In the realm of retail, being cordial, outgoing and on top of your tasks is a fine recipe for success. Mary Klein has these attributes in spades.

When an Old Navy hiring manager reported back to the general manager about Klein, the descriptor that came was “happy.” A brand associate, Klein receives job support from ProAct at the clothing store in Eagan’s Promenade shopping center.

Mary works at the Old Navy store in Eagan’s Promenade area.

GM Heather Bouchard said Klein’s attitude tends to spread. “I feel like there are days when I look forward and say, ‘OK, Mary’s here today so it’s a good day.’ We love her,” she said.

As Klein held a Swiffer floor sweeper on a late weekday morning, she asked guests who were emerging from the changing rooms how they did with their selections.

There’s much do do at Old Navy for Mary.

“She’s been super friendly to everyone who has come in,” said one customer.

Shoppers are her first priority, and then the seven fitting rooms. Unpurchased changing room items are put on a staging rack and soon returned by Klein to the sales floor. The brand associate has to track changes out there, as well, to make sure she returns items to the right spots.

ProAct employment specialist Haydn Sprout said Klein is detail oriented. She helped with her initial training and transitioned to twice a month visits to offer assistance. “I don’t need to ask for help anymore,” said Klein.

Attractive signage and displays greet customers at the front of the store.

Before Old Navy, the retail worker gained experience on crews for Anagram balloons, Panera Bread and the Hilton hotel. She also cleaned homes on a crew for DARTS.

Klein’s new gig pays better, and she is saving her money.

Her ease of talking to people also comes in handy when pitching Old Navy credit cards to customers. The brand associate was able to sign up two individuals in one day. “I think she’s a great example of ‘don’t let something discourage you,’” said Bouchard.

Mary folds clothing to restock the sales floor

When the foot traffic slows, the GM said Klein is quite able of finding other jobs in the store that need doing. “She’s a hard worker,” said Sprout. “She’ll do the task and get it done right.”

Klein works 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on some weekdays, and was about to take on some busier shifts on the weekend.

When asked about her dreams for future jobs, Klein said she is happy here and plans to stay.

“I like my managers and coworkers,” she said. “People here are all really kind and helpful.”