Caribou perks, fine parks, fresh picked apples, fairy gardens for ProAct in Shakopee

Relaxing with the Caribou crowd

ProAct’s Coffee Club members in Shakopee are not the only ones who enjoy a cup of joe. A group from Large Area #1 took an adventure to Caribou Coffee to sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in a shop atmosphere, said Senior Manager Ali Brown. There were a lot of smiles and, of course, manners were used during the entire trip. They will definitely go back, said Brown.

Fine parks, birds, exercise?

Participants and staff visited several parks in September, but a couple that stood out were Centennial Lakes in Edina and Huber Park, along the Minnesota River in downtown Shakopee. “The weather was so beautiful so many enjoyed games, bird watching, and that nasty word ‘exercise,’” said Brown. “We just hope the weather continues to cooperate so we can continue to visit local parks.”

Hitting the orchards for fresh apples, outdoor pleasures

What time of year is it? Apple orchard time! Groups from Shakopee visited different orchards and reported back. Among them were Minnesota Harvest, Applewood Orchards, Minnetonka Orchard and Luceline Orchard. It doesn’t get fresher than this- picking apples and bringing them back to enjoy with lunch, hay bales and outside air. “We cannot wait to visit pumpkin patches. That is what happens in October, right?” said Brown.

Friend’s family’s fairy gardens fun for visit, future feature

When Annie, a participant, invited friends from ProAct to her house to view the fairy gardens they didn’t know they were in for a treat, said Brown. She and her parents, Ernie and Denise, have created several fairy gardens, which may be featured in a local magazine later this fall. The pictures do not do them justice as they are creative, detailed, funny and beautiful, said Brown. “A big thank you to Annie and her family for inviting us to their gardens and for the special treat afterwards.”