It is exciting to see the production services in both Red Wing and Eagan pick up new customers! ProAct recently transitioned our production floors to competitive production centers, and this business service is driving and supporting our mission services.

The production floor is humming, forklifts are moving supplies, and we are using our delivery truck for weekly runs to deliver customer orders. Each of our Production Managers are working to gain efficiency and keep working toward our goal of supporting our mission!

The assembly work in both locations is running at full speed with a variety of work –  hand assembly, kitting, packaging, and sewing. The use of our equipment including cutting machines, heat sealing, and shrink wrapping is expanding due to customer need.

The production area in Eagan is also used as a job exploration site for those seeking employment in the community.  The Production Skills Exploration Services, led by trained ProAct staff, help participants develop solid technical and interpersonal work skills which are evaluated daily.  This paid experience also focuses on work tolerance, performance levels and overall work appropriateness.  The services are provided individually and customized to fit the needs of participants.

We are proudly sharing with businesses across our communities that ProAct is here to partner with you. We provide high quality production and assembly services to meet your needs. With two production facilities in Eagan and Red Wing, we have the people, the know-how and the passion to get your job done, and get it done right.

If you have an assembly need, give us a call, we would be happy to give you a tour!






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– Judie Foster-Lupkin