Pre-ETS work experiences popular, multiple businesses hiring

ProAct’s Pre-ETS Work Experience Wages has been a popular service.

Students get a taste of working at either one of ProAct’s established sites or have an employment specialist work on building an opportunity at a new business of their choice, explains Anna Cahak, employment development manager for ProAct. This service allows the student to earn minimum wage, learn and build skills and receive job coaching supports alongside their work experience.

Recently, Pre-ETS program participants have been hired by Kwik Trip, Walgreens, HomeGoods, Sierra, Apple Valley Village Health Care Center, Fleet Farm, Target, and Marshalls.

Pre-ETS stands for Pre-Employment Transition Services, which offers job exploration counseling, work-based learning, post-secondary-ed counseling, workplace readiness training and instruction in self-advocacy. Contact ProAct for more information.

Photos: Top, individual working at Apple Valley Village Health Care. At right, student completes a work experience at the YMCA in Eagan.