Two’s Day: 2-22-22 rolls out with creativity in Shakopee

By Program Manager Ali Brown

We celebrated “Two’s Day” by dressing in twos or twining. We also had two extra breaks to enjoy candy in, you guessed it, in twos. This day is a palindrome date, meaning it reads the same way backward and forward. Here in February alone there are eight of them. Google it, and you’ll find it’s pretty interesting.

This palindrome is extra special because it also falls on a Tuesday (Twos Day) this year and don’t we all need an excuse to have fun and goof off a bit? This Twos Day will not occur again until the year 2422. I wonder how they will celebrate?

There are other dates with a striking pattern, like 1-11-11, 01-01-01, 06-06-06, 12-12-12, and I’ll be looking forward to 3-3-33! I’ll have to think about what treat we can have that comes in 3’s.