REDI, set go this summer with Walgreens

One of the stronger employment business partnerships is set for a re-ignition this summer as ProAct engages again with Walgreens’ REDI.

The Retail Employees with Disabilities Initiative typically trains “externs,” in groups of three or four, building up skills and competencies for work in the retail environment, explains ProAct Employment Development Manager Anna Cahak.

“It’s a great opportunity to increase skills so people can join a pool of qualified and diverse talent for Walgreens stores to consider when they have openings,” she said.

In cases where Walgreens may not have job openings, REDI graduates can utilize their training to seek out employment at other businesses, said Cahak.

Past trainings have run four weeks, with a balance of soft skills preparation in a classroom setting and onsite experiences at Walgreens stores. ProAct anticipates work with area Walgreens will begin in July. Cahak can provide more information.